Friday, May 4

Jay-Z In A Plane Crash?+25 Cent Who?

Media sources are reporting that Jay-Z may have been involved in a horrible plane crash this morning while he was on his way to the De La Hoya fight in Vegas. A plane did go down but it is unsure if Jay was on the plane. TMZ hasn't been able to confirm anything yet...but they are trying to contact his reps about this issue. I was hesitant to even report something like this because I believe in the power of words. So I hope this is untrue and everything is gravy in Jiggaland.

Edit: TMZ has confirmed Jay-Z WAS NOT in a plane crash and everything is great in Jiggaland.

Word has it 50 Cent has recruited his son Marquise....who he calls 25 cent. I'm real mad at that too. Anyways, Marquis was just signed to G-Unit and will have an album out around Christmas supposedly. His first single will be called "I Wanna Get With You" and will hit airwaves in October. This should be interesting...

Things just keep getting more interesting over at the Raymond family home. I already told y'all how Jonetta Patton (Ursh's mom) can't stand Tameka Foster (Ursh's fiance) and moms and Ursh are not on speaking terms right now. But now...Jonetta is reportedly engaged to a 32 year old former boxer from Houston named Eric Carr. And y'all know Ursh is not feeling the fact his future stepfather could be his brother. In the meanwhile...Tameka is telling everyone who'll listen about her upcoming wedding and clothing line. Gotta get the gettin while the gettin is good.

The Randomness:

  1. Lauryn Hill is going on tour. I have all the dates over at The Forums.

  2. Tamyra Gray is set to play "MiMi" in Rent on Broadway. Story
  3. Pics from the YBF Meet and Greet will be up tomorrow here and on myspace. I have literally hundreds to go through and they're still pouring in from my photogs. But don't worry...they'll be up.