Wednesday, May 30

Candid This, Candid That

It's a boy!

The Wade family's new Zion Malachi Airamis Wade was born last night circa 9:45p cst. Sources say the baby boy is 6 pounds 11 ounces. Awwww. Congrats to Sio, Dwyane, and the fam.

Rih Rih was spotted leaving her Paris hotel yesterday:

I'm loving this bad girl look on her. Too bad I'm not loving her "music".

Halle B. was out doing her usual

Effortlessly fab. Those hot Dior shades don't hurt either.

It was family day out recently for Dame Dash, Rachel, and their daughter:

A whole lot of wrong going on round here. But I'll be nice.
What kind of hex has this Tameka chick put on Ursh?

Apparently he called in to several radio shows like Tom Joyner and Wendy Williams to demand...yes, demand...them to stop talking ish about his chick Tameka. Supposedly he threatened to "Whup [Tom's] ass" if he says anything more about Tameka or else... My laughter is uncontrollable. Anyways...Wendy likely wrote him off seeing that he cursed out out a while back on a red carpet. And Tom and co. decided to talk ish about him on their Fantastic Voyage cruise this weekend. Who's afraid of Ursh...

Foxy's first single off her upcoming comeback album is called "How We Get Down". Check it here.

The Randomness:
  1. Foolywang material doesn't deserve my time. So note to all my readers: Please do not waste any more of your precious seconds e-mailing me the rants, lies, and concoctions of a certain blogger who cannot survive without talking greasy about me and YBF. She is on permanent ignore mode on my end and I will not entertain the tomfoolery and fake beef created with her imagination. We keep it fabulous at all times here at YBF.
  2. How appropriate. Check out my favorite truth speaker Jill Scott's new track "Hate On Me" here.
  3. Word has it Quincy Jones has shot down an offer from Michael Jackson to help him produce his comeback album. Meanwhile, MJ is out and about buying music businesses.
  4. Krispy Cole was spotted leaving D.U.I. Hilton's Memorial Day Bash/Jail Sendoff party Monday. WTF? Check the vid. She needs to be worried about why her hair is still orange an if her man Jeezy is going his ass back to the slammer.