Tuesday, May 22

New Couple Alert+Celebs Do The Rounds

It pains me to even relay this rumor to y'all. Word has it Shay "Buckeey" Johnson is the new main chick of Andre 3 Thou. The ATL FOL/Charm School chick let it slip on a recent interview and apparently they've been getting real cozy with each other lately. If he wifes this chick I will lose all respect.

Fanny, Mya, and Bow Wow hit up 106 and Park yesterday:

Oh Fanny...

By the way...the 63rd annual Theatre World Awards have been announced and Fantasia has won an award for Outstanding Broadway Debut Performance. {Thanks Lamont}

Speaking of Mya...she's on the new cover of the Summer issue of VIBE Vixen:

Not sure how I feel about that pic.

Aww hell. Oprah's daddy went and thought it was a good idea to write a tell all about her life....behind her back. Vernon Winfrey is telling folks he should have been harder on her because she was "out of hand and an unruly." Aint that some ish...

Rih Rih's Good Girl Gone Bad album has leaked to the net. Check it out here.

Source: TC

You aint foolin' nobody Johnny Boy....

Gwen Stefani just needs to get all new opening acts. First Akon..now this Lady Sovereign chick:

Apparently she showed up an hour late to perform and had a hissy fit breakdown on stage after 2 songs. She walked off the stage after talking about how broke she was and she's getting evicted from her apartment. Come get ya girl Hov....

The Randomness:

  1. I'm sure it was all because of that annoying boom boom kat ish.