Monday, May 7

Derby Day+Fight Night=Fabulous Ish

Things popped off real nicely at Hov's Tao Beach Club Opening Party in Vegas during the Fight weekend:

NFL Ballers Dmitris Phil, Jonathon Vilma and DJ Williams

And later on in the actual party:

Clearly Diddy, Jay, Nelly, JD, Jeezy, and 50 cent all made it rain in that piece.

It's something so sex about all that damn money on one stage.

I see there was more Ace of Spades in that piece than water.

And out on the red carpet, A.I. proved why my obsession crush on him is still relevant:

Still preserving his sexy...

Tracy M. looked fab on the carpet with Zo.

Macy Gray looked a damn mess.
Shutting all those damn rumors down.

Ursh and Tameka are still playing that role.

Lisa Raye and her hubby aren't looking like they're breaking up anytime soon despite the rumors.


It was also a party for Chris Lighty.

Tracy Mourning looked oh so fabulous kickin' it with her man Zo at the party.

And anywhere there's rich black folk...

Bill Maher will be.

Usher also hosted his New Look Benefit that night at Tao:

Ursh and DJ Clue

D-Wade was there:

WTF Wesley?? When did you get back from being on the run in South Africa and WTF are you wearing??

And Jessica White was there hugged up on some dude.

Also this weekend way in Kentucky the Derby went down:

Vince Young and Miss USA 2006 Tara Connor

Regina King, Michael Stahan, and Vince Young hit up the Stuff Magazine VIP Issue Party.

And on Derby Day:

Hmmm...I'm not so impressed with the get ups of BFFs Essence and Gabby. But they are fab chicks nonetheless.

They even let Regina King steal their shine:


Lynn Whitfield was there too.

Ummm Niecy Nash....

What in the peacocked roach whiskered hell is this mess on top of your head? Stop this sh*t. I prefer the whack ass side of the head flower over this.

Even Star looked better than that:

Work it out then chick.

Stay fab!