Thursday, May 3

Keepin' It Movin'...

Hmmm I see I struck a nerve in the folks who feel threatened by a young black woman doing her thing. I put 5 on it YBF caught more hate this week than Beyonce. That's the only sign I need to know I'm doing this ish right. Loves it. On to the gossip....

Mel B. was out and about in London at David Beckham's b-day party this week looking more fab than ever. This post baby look is doing wonders for this chick.

Looks like a lot of flavor made it into TIME's 100 Most Influential People list:

Some folks in the upcoming special issue/list: Tyra B., Lady O (they aint stupid), America Ferrera, Shonda Rhimes, Barack Obama, Condi Rice, Wesley Autrey, Tony Dungy and so many more. Gotta love it. Check the complete list

Maia Campbell has apparently gone off and stole somebody's Jeep and is now MIA with the car. She recently lost her mother, author BeBe Moore Campbell, and she has been rumored to be on some drugs or possibly depressed....even before her mother passed.

B was spotted leaving the Portofino restaurant in Stockholm Sweden this week:

Cute and casual. Loves it.

Busta...all these DWI arrests for real makes no sense anymore. Stop playin'.

The Miami L.I.V.E. Welcome Back Big D All White Party at Santo went down last night:

Big Rub and Johnny Legend were there.

So were Cool and Dre.

Chrisette Michele performed:

And so did John:

Speaking of Chrisette, she is about to hit us up with her solo debut June 19th:

She also leaked 4 tracks from the album over at
her myspace page. I'm a fan.

The celebs came out to the Louis Vuitton LOVE party at the Louis store in NY:

Rashida Jones looked fresh faced and fab.

And Serena has definitely upgraded her whole look:

Very cute look 'Rena. *wipes tear* I'm just so proud....

And Mya was there looking hot in stripes:

And I don't even like stripes.

Essence has once again brought the foolywang material that is the life behind an interesting couple:

Andrea Kelly clearly has been ignored for a reason up until now. She has finally broken her silence in the upcoming issue of Essence. She says even though she hasn't seen the alleged sex tapes of R. and other chicks that his brother is threatening to release, she knows it's not him. And she seems not to care about any of these 14 sex charges against him. They've been estranged for 3 years and it doesn't seem like she's in a rush to make this divorce final. Interesting read.

The article is pure comedy. And I don't think it was supposed to be...

The Randomness:

  1. We all knew it was coming. Story

  2. this is Ursh's Mother's Day gift to Momma Patton on Mother's Day? I knew she didn't like Tameka but damn.

  3. Even though I'm likely one of the very few black chicks really upset by must be addressed.

  4. Joe debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts last week. I see folks stopped sleeping...finally.

  5. The rumors of Kanye and Alexis breaking up are clearly untrue. least that's what they're showing the public. They both hit up Ne-Yo's album release party in NY the other night and my sources spotted Alexis still flaunting that engagement ring hard in every pic. I guess....