Wednesday, May 16

B*tch Please: The Sisqo Edition

Awwww sh*t Sisqo done started some ish. Dude just reappeared out of his 1999 career coma and clearly lost his damn mind. He put out this diss track called "
One Finga" to Ursh and R. Kelly talking about how they need to stop jocking him and respect his "veteran" status. Apparently he's pissy because Ursh is rocking that flaming ass dragon everywhere and Sisqo feels like he's been swagger jacked. Note to all y'all fools: Whack kills. So just for infiltrating my inbox with this foolishness...B*tch please.

And in other B*tch Please news...Ike Turner's ass has been put on lock down after he was arrested last night on some drug charges in L.A. Karma's a b*tch...
Edit: Oh yes. There's an update.