Monday, May 21

Mini Fab

LT over at copped the official documentation that it was indeed Mase caught out there chasing the trannies last week. The woman who called in gave a description of where the wreck with the "rapper" happened and where she saw transvestites run from the car. And damn if doesn't match this here driving citation. Gotta love the nosey folks...

So Jaslene's official now. There's something about this chick I really like....

Speaking of ANTM...our favorite YBF ANTM reject posted some new pics of her and her fellow rejects/winners on her Facebook page:

Whitney is such a fab chick.


Lots of celebs are chillin' across the pond right now. Bey was spotted at the Nice airport this weekend on her way to the Cannes Film Festival:

Only she could pull this look off.

Remember all the bruhaha about Angie Jolie playing Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart? Clearly no one cared and the movie shooting went on. Mariane and her son Adam kicked it with Brangie at Cannes today. I put 5 on it Angie leaves Cannes with lil Adam as her adopted son...

And Nay Nay Campbell was spotted aboard a yacht on her way to the Cannes Film Fest yesterday too:

Her fabulousness always overshadows her nuttiness...until she goes upside ol girl's head with the black dress on with her cell phone.

Stay fab!