Thursday, May 17

The "Heisman On That Ho" Campaign: The Wet & Wild Edition

Because I'm sick of seeing certain foolywang material floating around The Wood these days...I've decided to develop campaigns to stamp out foolwangness by doing the Heisman on everything foolish. First up...the foolywangness that is Wet & Wild Fushiagenta #306 lipgloss & nail color:

Y'all already know...


I loves me some Wendy but DAMN.

And everything else was so fab.

We need every celeb to Heisman all that is Wet & Wild Fushiagenta #306 lipgloss & nail color. Please direct all donations for the campaign to Mama Tina, Amerie's jumpoff/her manager, Wendy's sidekick Charlemagne since she listens to him for some reason, and Fox Boogie's parole officer.