Thursday, May 31

Back In Business...With The Same Girl?

There was a glitch in Blogger this morning and afternoon that prevented me from posting to YBF. They have resolved the issue (thanks to the scathing letter I sent) quickly and now we're back to the gossip....

My sources are telling me some good ish these days. And I definitely wouldn't be surprised if this tidbit had some truth to it. Word has it a certain songtress has been put on blast and her current beau has chunked the duece to their somewhat public relationship. And when they are seen looks like nothing but love. They've been kickin' it a couple years and hit up events together every now and then...mainly thowing surprise parties for each other...and rumors spread weekly about their impending nuptials happening in Nevurary. I told y'all a while back the songbird never really ended things with her married ex-boss but supposedly they are still kickin' it on the low. Boss man never liked the homerun loving current beau and there has been constant friction for years.
But now...the current beau has allegedly been slapped in the face with some foolish proof that his main chick and her boss are still an item. After he's been telling everybody an engagement is in the very near future. So after he picked up his face, he ended the relationship very recently. Apparently all pics of his ex-main chick have been removed from his myspace page and word has it he's even trying to get back with his previous ex. Yet and still...the R&B songtress' publicist is denying this entire story has any truth. Breakups to makeups...gotta love it. Same girl, same story, different day.

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