Tuesday, February 6

Usual Suspects....

I just flew into NY this afternoon and am soooo excited to be here. I'll be posting pics from some Fashion Week shows soon. And I'll post as much as possible these next few days, but if posts come slowly...you know the deal. On to the gossip...

The Academy Award Nominee Luncheon went down yesterday in Beverly Hills:

Of course Forest Whitaker and all the usual suspects were there:

I'm loving Jada's look. And Will is looking quite sexy in that suit. Too bad some folks still think all black people look alike.

And Ms. Hudson looked pretty fab too.

Why am I not surprised Ms. Vivica:

The Post is reporting that Vivica "I ooze plastic" Fox lost her wig on the streets of Miami this weekend. Apparently her wig flew off her head while she was getting in her limo to return back to her hotel. She said she forgot she had already taken out the pins. She had to yell to a "friend" to snatch that wiggity whackness (pun intended) up off the ground. Vivica PLEASE. The excuse of why that nest fell off your head is funnier than the actual wig falling off. But I would have paid hard earned money to see that ish. And to make matters worse, her publicist sent out a mass e-mail to bloggers and publicists saying the story was untrue and it was actually her fur shawl. And I'm a size 00. Moving on...

Meagan Good was spotted at Mr. Chow's Sunday night:

If I see these earrings on this chick one more time.....Damn! I'm not even the one rocking the earrings and I want to burn them. She clearly does not own any other pair.

Someody PLEASE make me understand why this chick is geting face time with the masses:

Super producer Chris Stokes has launched a high-end, contemporary street wear fashion line, appropriately called Christopher Brian Apparel. And the face/ass of the line is Kim Kardashian. Whatev.

Martin Lawrence and Bow Wow were spotted at the Hawks v. Lakers game last night in the ATL:

Fun times.

And Aubrey of DK had her 23rd b-day party last night at Club Katra:

WTF?? Aubrey looks like pure foolywang material. Looks like she was going for the millenum version of "Carrie" look or like she was trying to be rediscovered as the missing triplet of the Olsen twins. Not a good look boo.

D-Woods looks cute as usual though.

No Shannan or Aundrea in sight. Hmmm.

The Randomness:

  1. Victoria Rowell/Dru is officially leaving Y&R. I'm bitter about it too. She asked to be released from her contract and her last day is April 1, 2007. I have a feeling they're going to pin the Carmen Hoesta murder on her then. I also heard Malcom/Shemar Moore may make a comeback to Y&R. Oh yes.
  2. YBF chick Taysha Smith Valez (and big fan of YBF) will be featured on an upcoiming Tyra show to help celebrate black history month. She's doing a show on 5 of the most influential women of color. Video snippet Taysha's only 24 and the creator and CEO of several beauty companies. And it doesn't hurt that she's worth $75 million by herself. Loves it! And despite what the rumor mill says...she's not dating Ursher. Trust me. Don't believe the hype.