Monday, February 5

Fashion Week Fab

Celebs were spotted all over Bryant Park this weekend out and about going from show to show. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Fashion Week and I can't wait.

Kelly's fab self hit the NY Fashion Week streets.

So did Ashanti. And it looks like she's our newest inductee into the CGU. Cute.

Ms. Keys stepped out in a fabulous way.

Ashanti hit up the Tadashi Shoji show with the designer himself.

And other celebs hit up the Tracy Resse show this weekend:

Kelly and Tracy Reese

Tracy's line is oh so fabulous. Claire over at TFB has more insight from the actual show.

Kiki and the Simmons clan infiltrated Fashion Week with the Baby Phat show Saturday night:

Oh my damn. This pic should be saved for purely comedic purposes. And Andre Tally definitely needs to stop playin'.

Remy Ma and her ugly ass boots kicked it with ANTM reject Keenyah at the show.

Marsha from Floetry was there.

Clearly Stacie J skipped the full length mirror on her way out the door.

Hot damn Lil Kim! Your chi chis called and they want you to let them breathe again. Seriously.

Oh, and's a sad ass day when Janice "I can't help but look a H.A.M." Combs looks more fab than you.

Kiki and Russey spent some QT at the show:


Lil Mo was there. Are those satin capris? Hmm.

Vivica rocked a not so hot dress at the show:

Don't let KiKi see this mess. You know her ass is crazy as all hell...separated or not.

And of course Kimora's mini mes Aoki and Ming Lee were there:



You can get video from the Baby Phat show here. And then the Baby Phat afterparty:

WTF? Take that photoshoot to the house Lil Mo.


Looks like fun times were had by all.

And finally, the ubderly fab Angela Bassett was at the Heart Truth how this weekend:

Just lovely.

The Randomness:

  1. Angela and Vanessa Simmons talk about Run's House Season 3.
  2. This Antarctic weather here in DC right now is not a game.
  3. If you want to make sure no one jacks your ID while posting in the comments section, get a free Gravatar.
  4. InStyle Celebrity Weddings comes on tonight at 10p est on ABC.
  5. Word has it 50 cent and Ciara are hip hop's newest couple. Eww.