Thursday, February 8

"Daddy's Little Girls" Premiere+Jay Pops The Cherry

The premiere of Tyler Perry's new movie Daddy's Little Girls went down last night in LA:

YBF chicks Gabby Union and the 3 daughters of the movie (who are real life sisters) Sierra Aylina McClain, Lauryn Alisa McClain and China Anne McClain hit up the red carpet.

Gabby hands down had the best look of the night:

Are we really surprised? She's a bad chick.

Gabby's co-star Tracey Ellis Ross rocked a tangerine satin dress that only she could rock fabulously.

Vanessa Williams was there.

Tyler Perry kicked it with co-star Tasha Smith.

MJB and Kendu made an appearance:

Pure fabulousness.

Brian McKnight and his date Anna Lisa walked the red carpet.

Co-star of the movie Terri Vaughn looked hot in a white satin off the shoulder dress:

Work it Lavita Alize Jenkins....

Tisha Campbell...

*Sigh* But she tries so hard....

Keesha Sharp came out to support:

I'm glad she finally tamed her hair situation.

Rochelle Aytes looked fab.

And as for the sexiness that is Idris Elba:

I don't know how Gabby kept her composure through the kissing and love scenes.

He spent some QT on the red carpet with his daughter. As if we needed anything to make him any sexier...

Johnny Gill, Gabby, and Barry Bonds

Damn Johnny! You just let yourself go ever since Eddie moved on to Tracey huh? Just sayin...

YBF chick Camille Winbush was there.

And so was Denyce Lawton with her man Wesley Jonathan:


Co-star Gary Sturgis hit up the carpet with his fam:

DAMMIT MEAGAN! Don't let me run into this chick on the streets....I will do a run by and snatch the sh*t out of those earrings--that she refuses to let go of--off her lobes and throw them in the nearest street gutter. And with a smile on my face.....

Fun times.

Hov hosted a party last night in the NYC for his unveiling of the new Cherry Coke can design:

Word has it Diddy and Hov are also about to form an urban video on demand channel for Comcast. Nice.

Nik was there with a new hair color.

Boxer Zab Judah

DJ Sky and Jay

Deborah Cox and Bentley were there.

DJ Clue, Deborah Cox, and Sway

Rosci and Terrance were there.

Assie was there showing off her new blondish hair color.

So I saw Jade while out at Club Lotus last night and yes, this outfit looked just as foolish in person as it does in this pic.

Fabolous came out to kick it.

YBF chicks Angela and Vanessa Simmons were there.

Why does Nick Cannon always look these days like he's just coming from a Deacon Board meeting?:

You got to get ya weight up Nick to pull off that swagger...

Stay tuned for my Fashion Week Fashion Shows experience.