Tuesday, February 27

Bits and Foolishness

T.I. and Tiny were spotted loungin' in the ATL:

I know Tiny is mad she can't drink. Oh well...

Speaking of T.I., he was out a Kevin Liles' b-day party in NY last night:

Thanks Serena. I see you tried to do something with that weave....finally. And Ed Lover is looking better these days.

Kevin and his chick Sandy Lomax shared a kissy kiss.

Russell Simmons and Irv Gotti hit up the party. Speaking of Irv...where the hell is Ashanti??

Trey Songz came through.

And so did Jay-Z.

Fun times.

Can we take a second to focus on the foolishness that is Lil Kim and Ray-J?:

Now Kim. If you're gonna use this "relationship" with Ray-J as a publicity stunt--at least get yourself together first. WTF is going on with this dress?

And while we're on the subject of foolish couples:

It's official. DMX's wife is definitely on some other ish. Stop passing her the pipe X.

Stills from Halle Berry's new movie A Perfect Stranger are here:

And o my damn:

What are youuuuuuuuuu doing Webster?

Oh Foxy. Did you seriously hold a press conference...looking like this...talking about you were brutalized by the Miami po pos? Well dammit I'm brutalized by your face right now. Get it together Foxy.

On to cuter things....

Sources: CBB and ONTD

Baby Zahara was spotted out with her sister Shiloh and grandma in New Orleans yesterday. Cute.

So Bobby is still locked up for not paying child support because his ass can't afford to post bail. Damn shame.

And sexy man Djimon Hounsou
is the new Calvin Klein model. I can't wait for those ads....

Musiq's new video for "Buddy" is here. Cute.

The Randomness:

  1. Check out Beyonce and Shakira's new track "Beautiful Liar".
  2. Janet Jackson is set to play opposite Tyler Perry in his upcoming movie Why Did I Get Married? Story