Sunday, February 11

The 49th Annual Grammy Awards-Red Carpet Fab

It's bout that time again folks. Rap, R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop artists hit up the Grammy red carpet tonight in flocks. And I loved it:

Fine ass Tip Harris graced the carpet in all black fabulousness. Now that's how you do all black without loking like a funeral attendee. Just sexy.

Dammit. Twista clearly didn't get the memo that grillz are soooo 2003...and so is matching the bling on your wrist to the bling in your mouth. Get a stylist Twista. This is not the Source Awards.

White is going to be the hottest color for spring and the celebs kicked the color like it was going out of style for good tonight:

Akon and Wyclef blinded the cameras with the shiny white suits.

Akon and Nicole S. of the Pussycat Dolls

Akon and his date

Cici rocked a Roberto Cavalli dress with an Elie Saab clutch:

Her dress looked much better on tv.

My crush Lupe Fiasco hit up the carpet:

And brought his moms as his date. Cute.

Legend Nancy Wilson was there.

Seal and Cee-Lo...interesting.

Chamillionaire was there.

Does Gary Dourdan ever rock anything other than jeans? Seriously.....

Some people may have some words for India and her hair:

But I, for one, loved it. Too bad MJB kept beating her out of all the awards.

Jimmy Jam and his wife Lisa were there.

So were Kirk Franklin and his fab wife.

Big Tigga and his date

Sexy man Common hit up the carpet.

Jamie Foxx brought his daughter Corrine.

Who is Omaroacha sleeping with to get on every invite list?? I'm just sayin'....

YBF chick Tocarra rocked a hot purple number:

She's thisclose to losing those curves. But mama still looks fab.

Speaking of curves close to being M.I.A.:

CGU President J-Hud looked red hot. Either she has a serious pair of Spanx on or her diet skills are off the chain.

Nelly Furtado looked a hot ass mess:

I'm not feeling a damn thing about this all.

Cutie Chris Brown looked nice in the black and yellow:

He brought his too cute nephew along.

Paula rocked a nice black and white number.

Luda's suit game was on point tonight:

And Mary had one of the best looks of the night...even with the comeback of that damn braid:

Wait..Anita. Is that you boo?


Anthony Hamilton:

Please join Twista in getting a stylist. Thanks.

Christina Aguilerra also has one of my fave looks of the night:

The dress did all the talking. Hot.

I'm such a Corrine Bailey Rae fan.

Robyn Troup, Brenda Radney and Africa Miranda, My Grammy Moment Finalists

All of the YBF chicks look great. Congrats to Robin for winning and sounding/performing better than most of the chicks in the game right now. And I seriously felt a tinge of hate when she got to perform with T.I. *Sigh*

Beyonce looked...

...suspect. The chick barely smiled all night and when she loked forced and uncomfortable. Even her "Listen" performance was suspect and borderline boring. Very un-Beyonce. Something was clearly wrong and it's my mission to find out what. Solo, Mam Tina, and Baby Daniel were the only people who accompanied her tonight.

Natalie Cole looked pretty fab.

So did the Pussycat Dolls. Danity Kane needs to take notes on how to look like a group and not 5 random chicks off the street.

Stay tuned for performance pics and afterparty pics!