Monday, February 26

The Show

The show was long as all hell...but worth it for the Dreamgirls performance and Jenny's and Forest's wins:

B shed some tears when J-Hud won. Tears of joy? Tears of hate? Both? Who knows.....

And Will, Jaden, and Penelope did a fab job of presenting:

I just like the dress....

Notice that Eddie was MIA? Sources are saying that he was pissy he lost for Best Supporting Actor and raised up right after his category was announced. He didn't hit up any after parties either.

And the Dreamgirls performances:

Jenny kicked it off with "Love You I Do".

Bey came in and both of them did a bit of that song and "Listen". Y'all know I'm a true Beyonce fan so I won't even talk about how she got "outdid" all night on stage with the singing...and on her own ish too. Nevermind....

Then Anika and Keith did "Patience".

If you missed the know I got you covered:

Loves it!

You can get the complete list of winners here. Even though Dreamgirls got shut out of the Best Picture category...The Departed was excellent and deserved to win. Keep it fab!

Stay tuned for the Afterparty.....