Sunday, February 11

Grammy Show Pics

For once I didn't want to slap myself for watching 3.5 hours worth of the Grammy's.

MJB did it real big last night winning Best R&B album for The Breakthrough, and Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance for "Be Without You".

Rih Rih worked the hell out that green dress. And I loved the shoulder length bob.

Luda won for Best Rap Song (Songwriter’s Award) for "Money Maker" and Best Rap Album for Release Therapy.

Chris Brown got robbed for Best New Artist by country chick Carrie Underwood, but his performances were hot:

Shameless Stomp The Yard promo...

He, Lionel Richie, and Smokey Robinson did a fabulous three part set. And then Chris came back out to do a dance tribute for James Brown that was nothing but on point. That dude has some serious talent.

Kanye and Common presented the Best Rap Album award.

Justin did a solo set:

And later, Robyn Troup won the My Grammy Moment contest and got to perform with Justin and T.I.

Mary's "Be Without You" performance was hot as usual:

And then she helped Luda and Earth, Wind, and Fire out with the "Runaway Love" performance:

Shakira and Wyclef performed for the first time together on the Grammy's:

And Prince intro'd your fave YBF chick Beyonce:

The performance wasn't top notch but if she was sick like the rumors are saying she was, then she did a helluva a job. She also copped the Best Contemporary R&B album award for B'Day.

T.I. presented an award with Pink. He also copped a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance for "What You Know".

Gnarls Barkley performed. They also won a few awards including Best Urban/Alternative Performance for "Crazy" and Best Alternative Music Album for St. Elsewhere.

Christina did the damn thing with her "It's A Man's World" James Brown tribute:

The paparazzi were all over the celebs in the audience:

Nicole S. kicked a hot pink dress to present in.

Y'all know Alexis wasn't far from her man.

India and Prince were spotted sharing a moment.

So did Prince and MJB.

No drama there....I'm sure.

Justin Timberlake won for Best Rap/Song Collabo for "My Love" Featuring T.I.


Smokey and Samuel L. chatted it up.

For once, I'm liking Mama Tina's look.

Queen glammed it up.

Jamie and Jen spent some QT:


Only Prince could rock this aqua and white and still be fiiiiierce.