Tuesday, February 13

Media, Media

Since the mainstream media has pretty much overlooked the devastation in New Orleans due to this morning's tornadoes, I'll post it:

Story I'm just a lil pissy that I couldn't get news about my hometown from any media source (including the DC news that I watched today) other than Nola.com. And the only reason why I checked is because talked to friends who are there with no power and damaged homes. Extremely bad thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped through the N.O. around 3am this morning and damaged a vast amount of homes and property--what was left over from Katrina. The West Bank is a mess and so is the Uptown area. A huge amount of FEMA trailers are wiped out and now people for real have no place to go. Almost the whole N.O. area is without power still this afternoon. I'll let you take a wild guess on whether FEMA is even on the scene yet. Damn shame. Moving on before I get even more heated....

Here's a pic of MJB's new $33.5 million mansion she's leasing in LA:

The L.A. Times reports that "...the lease price is $30,000 a month, unfurnished, and the couple hired an interior designer, which suggests they may settle in for a while. The house, built in 2003, has five bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms in about 8,000 square feet." She'll be staying their with Kendu and Co. for about 6 months while she works on her new album and other projects. Must be nice....

EDIT: The above pic is not MJB's rental house. The LA Times did a bad job of pairing the pics with the stories. That "Trophy" house is actually David Arquette's and Courtney Cox's and they are putting on the market. The second story on the page was about Courtney/David. Still a nice house though.

New music from Ne-Yo is about to hit stores:

His album is due in stores April 24th and you can check out his first single "Because of You" Check out his first single "Diamonds" here.

Mimi is the new face for Pinko Fashion House:

I actually like these pics....even though they photoshopped the hell out these pics...including any ounce of ethnicity they would show through. Y'all know Mimi is lookin a bit thicker than this these days.

The ELLE Style Awards 2007 went down at Roundhouse in London last night:

Fab chick and actress Naomie Harris was there.

Malik Yoba and YaYa Dacosta hosted the "Inspired" night at the Sapphire Lounge in NY last night:

NFLer Ovie Mughelli made an appearance:

I love a man who can dress....

Thandie Newton was there:

Love the look.

And y'all know Naomi was in her hometown glammin' it up:

The Randomness:

  1. Jay has a new video/commercial for his "Minority Report" track that is airing on MTV now for Black History Month. Check it out here (you have to wait for it to download, then the vid will play).
  2. I'm thisclose to throwing my name in the hat as Anna Nicole's baby daddy. This is getting ri-damn-diculous. Story