Monday, February 12

A Hookup, A Breakup, And Some Candids

I literally had to gather myself before reporting on this story. A few weeks ago a few sources informed me that Ciara's new lil boo is none other than Reggie "He could SO get it" Bush. Y'all know I chose to ignore the madness and brushed off the info. But I'll be damned if these two don't look content as cheese at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party this weekend. So it's a good possibility my sources were telling nothing but the truth...despite the fact that Reggie was spotted kickin it with a Hummer full of blonds during Superbowl weekend after a party. I can't take it. Moving on...

Word has it that David Moscow and fiance Kerry Washington are the newest residents of Splitsville. I knew their multi-year engagement was interesting to say the least. They were together for 4 years.

Check out Kelis in the new issue of Uptown Mag:

Cutest puppy ever.

Hot pics.

Serena was spotting kickin it in her bikini in Australia recently:

And it's official:

Mya's Liberation album has been pushed back to June 26th, 2007. Click the pic to hear her next single "Lock You Down" ft. Lil Wayne. I'm definitely feelin' it.

Naomi C. was spotted leaving Kitson this weekend in L.A.:

Bad chick indeed.

Here's some new pics of Michael Jordan's kids that were sent to me:

*scrapping to find out this lil boy's age quickly* He's a cutie.

Mary J Blige was on the show "Ghostwhisperer" Friday:

She played a cheerleading coach.

And Beyonce was spotted out and about shopping in LA this weekend:

I love that jacket. And I want it now. And for those of you speculating about her and Jay's relationship being on the rocks these days, they were spotted at BLT restaurant on Tuesday eating dinner with Gwyneth Paltrow and her hubby Chris Martin.

What in the MAC counter reject hell?:

{Thanks LoveDevine from the comments section} Apparently these pics are from Beyonce's new video for "Get Me Bodied". I wonder who leaked the pics. Probably one of these dancers she's paying a nickel and dime to.

The Making The Band 4 boys are already trying to make a name for themselves:

Devon Martin and DyShon Warren

And they haven't even been chosen yet. They just look like the type to run and fetch Shitty's cheesecake.

A new R&B chick named Miss Issa is trying to make her way on the scene:

Check out her single "Let Me Be The One" ft. Fat Joe here.

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