Sunday, February 18

Nothing But The Drama

So much ish is goin' down in Vegas during this All-Star weekend it's making me happy I went with my first mind and passed on traveling over to the insanity. This is a long keep up:

Ice House Lounge party:

Y'all know how it is when a lot of black folks with new money get together in one city...fights and drama. So an All-Star party went down Friday night at the Ice House lounge hosted by Jeezy and T.I. And y'all know folks had to act ignant which led to an altercation between Young Jeezy and Game. Surprise surprise.

Game and his people

Buck and his people

{Photo credit: Soul Brother} My sources tell me that both rappers arrived with entourages of 30+ each and both of them were making "knuck if you buck" style gestures at each other from across the club for a while. So around 4am, Young Buck took the stage and dissed Game in a freestyle over one of Game's own tracks. The sources say Game became his usual pissy self and jumped the railing he was standing behind to bumrush the stage and get at Buck. But security got to both entourages befor all hell broke loose. Y'all know Buck has a history of stabbing people at parties and shows. Damn shame....

Today, Game posted his side of the story
over on his website and basically tells Buck he's Game's next "victim"--and so is Jeezy because he was laughing right alongside of Buck. Are these dudes serious? Some folks just don't even deserve to make stacks of paper. Moving on.......

Why must folks f**k with Hov? Sources are reporting that Jay-Z filed an injunction Friday on some party promoters at Ice nightclub for using his name, trademark ROC signs, and Roc-a-Fella records name to promote a party last night that he had no part of. I'm not surprised. But the problem is, he was throwing his own party the same night over at Tao nightclub. Other sources told me that he put up 10 g's of his own stash just to file quick charges to get the party stopped. I heard the party still went down though because the party promoters ignored the injunction. They said a Roc-a-Fella VP signed off on the party. Damn Jay. Somebody's SO fired on Monday.

Here's some pics from Jay's First Annual Two Kings Dinner and Party at TAO last night:

Finally...a pic to shut down those Bigga breakup rumors...again.

B kicked it with Gayle. I'm loving this two toned dark hair B has going on here.

The King of B-ball and the King of Hip Hop kicked it.

Mekhi Phifer

Can Queen just act like she tries when she goes out?

Lebron and his fab girlfriend Savannah looked hot. Ummmm looks like somebody's preggers again.

Nelly and JD made an appearance.

Solo looked fab kickin it with her sis at the party:

And y'all know Rih Rih wasn't far:

Al Sharpton hits up more hip hop events than political events these days. Maybe we should be happy about that one...

Christina Aguilerra came through:


That damn swagger gets me every time....

Kelly R. looked white hot:

Julissa's boyfriend Larry Johnson was there.

Lyfe that my shirt or yours?

Not a good look No No.

I wonder if Jason's soon to be ex-wife has anything to do with him being on the verge of getting traded to the Lakers.

MJB and Malinda Williams

Some of the Danity Kane chicks were there.

Damn Al. Just....damn.

Kerry Washington was there flying solo.

Barry Bonds and his wife Liz Watson

Fun times.

Ciara and Reggie Bush have been spotted together several times this weekend according to my sources. *cursing her quietly in my head* She was even sitting courtside cheering him on during the McDonald's Celebrity All-Star B-ball game Friday. How ironic that he was playing on the same team as Bow Wow. Anyways, our beloved Reggie got hurt and when he left the game...I hear her seat mysteriously turned up empty as well. Mmmhmm... Here are a few more pics from that game:

Ooooh look who was spotted out going into a club together this weekend in Vegas:

Whitney and Muthaa F***in Ray-J. Y'all aint even foolin' nobody.....

And it looks like the wives/claimed girlfriends had the game on lock this weekend. Everybody's significant other was out and about during this All-Star weekend shuttin' the groupie game down--at least a little. YBF chick Tracy Mourning (Zo's wife) hosted the NBA Wives Gala at the MGM Grand Premiere Ballroom Friday night:

Queen and Tracy

Cookie and Magic

I really hope you were in the midst of changing Mya....

Star and Al stopped by.

And Robin Thicke gave a performance.


The T-Mobile Sidekick 3, D-Wade Edition Launch party had a bunch of celebs at it:

CiCi performed in some hot Louboutins.

Nas, Luda, and Will.I.Am performed:

Did Kelis pull a Beyonce and put Nas' ass on a diet? He's looking slimmer than usual.

The CW kids were there:

Golden didn't look the fool for once.

And who put Kelis on stage looking like my leftover cotton candy stick?:

I'm just not feeling a damn thing about this look. Sorry KeKe.

D-Wade hosted his 2.0 Shoe and clothing line lauch party this weekend in Vegas:

And y'all already know his wife Siovaughn wasn't gonna be far.

Yeah I'm prolly wrong for posting that pic...but oh well.

D-Wade used his Chi-Town connection and had Common perform.

Melo was flying solo all weekend. LaLa's likely too far preggers to be flying and partying it up NBA style.

But pregnancy is not stopping Sio from partying it up.

Scrumptious. Yeah I said it...even with his wifey all over this post and stuff.....

Eva Longoria and her fiance Tony hosted the NBA All-Star Weekend party at Pure this afternoon:

I'm lovin' that look.

Even DMC made an appearance.

And finally, 50 hosted the VitaminWater Charity Poker Tournament this weekend:

Hill Harper came through.

Malinda and her man D-Nice did too.

Of course Young Buck hit up the party.

And just for non-YBF sh*ts and giggles:

WTF Britney!?! Yes....this chick shaved her head on Friday night. It's official....Whitney has definitely passed her crack stash over to Brit because she has been acting the plum fool these days. And clearly that 1 day in rehab Thursday night did her not a lick of good. And we thought Fed-Ex was the one with the issues.....

Stay tuned!!