Sunday, February 18

And The Drama Continues...

When I opened these pics in my inbox, my mouth cringed up like Bobby's. Ummmm is this chick serious about having some lip action with the King of Crack all out in public?:


Her name is Alisha (her sis is Kim Ethredge--Terrell Owens' ex-publicist) and clearly she must not know bout Whit. Whitney is busy behind Ray-J's ass right now but PLEASE BELIEVE she will get it poppin on his chick real soon just because she can. Y'all know Whit is crazy. But does anybody else get the feel this "Alisha" pulled Bobby in for a kiss *shuddering at what I just typed* strictly for the cameras? This ish just looks real staged....and nasty. Moving on quickly.....

Everybody and their dog thinks a new album is their key to a comeback these days. And Jasmine Guy is the next victim:

Oh yes. Ms. Guy says she's releasing a new album sometime in 2007. And she says that since the music industry is so messed up these days, she's releasing it independently and only selling the albums online. Whatev. is claiming Djimon Hounsou is now kickin it with Camron Diaz. They said a few days ago they were spotted getting real close on the dance floor. Damn....Cam and Justin have been broken up for about an hour and now this happens? I'm sure they were just dancing though. For some reason....I just don't believe there's anything to this story. Esp. since Cam and Justin were spotted out and about on the low this weekend.

PaPa Knowles strikes again. YBF chick LeToya Luckett was tapped to be on the Daddy's Little Girls soundtrack along with several other artists--including Beyonce. But word has it that the reason Toya got dropped from the soundtrack was because Papa Knowles demanded she get dropped or else Beyonce's track would be pulled. Here we go again....

Time for a fab Baby Zahara update:

She and the rest of the Jolie-Pitt crew were spotted out in their new hometown of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras celebrations. Too cute.

We've got a new face of House of Damnitsstillwrong:

B, Mama Tina, and Solo were at the Magic Convention Center trade show Thursday in Vegas promoting Tina's new HOD line "Miss Tina". And word has it Solange will be taking over the daughterly duty of being her dress up doll in all the new ads. Pure comedy.

And finally, JPS was spotted out having lunch at the Ivy with a friend on Thursday:

She's trying.....

The Randomness:

  1. So now there's video proof of Foxy's weave glue and spit rampage at the infamous MIA beauty supply store. Am I the only one who finds this to be one of the funniest things to happen in 2007 so far?