Friday, February 16

Note To Foxy: Calm The Hell Down.

Did Foxy and Naomi form a committee or something where their rules of order are to beat up the help? Damn. Foxy Brown was arrested last night for beating up a beauty supply worker...and the po pos. The quote from the Miami Herald is priceless:

The rapper was arrested in a Pembroke Pines beauty supply store last night after police say she spat on a store employee, then struggled with the police officer who arrested her.

I can guaran-damn-tee you the real reason for the drama was that the beauty supply worker told Foxy they were out of Wet and Wild Pink Cotton Candy #002 and Foxy just made it rain on that chick. Calm down Fox--I told ya ass to stop wearing that nonsense years ago. Bump anger management...chick needs to just have it out with Naomi so they can get this ish out of their systems.