Friday, February 23

Mini Fab

Misa Hylton (Diddy's first baby's momma and Kimora's stylist) has launched her first online clothing boutique this week. It's called
Madison Star Couture and it's surprisingly some good looks. That's a few ad pics with her three kids Justin Combs, Noki, and Madison Star.

This is one of the tunic's from Misa's boutique that I'm absolutely loving. It's by designer Meghan Fabulous.

And in more kid news, Chance from I Love NY has some pics of him and his 3 year old son out on the net:

That's a cute lil boy but 1) Chance is still suspect in my book and 2) NY aint taking care of nobody's kids. Period.

The fabulous J-Lo hit up the Premio Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina 2007 show to receive an award last night:

I'm gonna need this Dolce and Gabbana

So fab. And I hear she may be a singing coach on American Idol this season. Hmmm...she may wanna just stick with what she knows. But being a singing coach is not a good move.

As if we didn't already know...or as if we cared...Deelishis has been making her rounds this week telling whoever will listen the "real deal" about Flavor of Love 2. She says she hasn't spoken to Flav since last year and that was his plan all along. She honestly thought she would be Flav's girl for real so she was kind of hurt by it since Flav lied to her. She says that he was the one who was doing this show to boost his career. (Welcome to life Deelishis.) She says he officially dumped her when word came out about his new baby's momma....but they kept frontin' for just a little while. Poor Deelishis. Not. Chick is still working on an album with Busta Rhymes (who she now admits is her man) and is slated to play Angela Basset's daughter in an upcoming movie this year. WTF? Moving on......

The Randomness:
  1. Today is the last day to enter YBF's Miss Issa/Schvitz Juicy Couture Giveaway.
  2. Idiot.

Have a fabulous weekend!