Wednesday, February 28

A Beautiful Liar & Some Parties

Beyonce has officially gotten her 16th wind. And it looks like Papa Knowles is keeping his daughter's name in the news this week after her Oscar let down. Anyways, TMZ is reporting that Beyonce could have contracted Hepatitis A from some food at the Sports Illustrated party from a few weeks ago. The caterer WolfGang Puck had an employee who tested positive for the disease and had worked the event that night. All the attendees were ordered to get vaccinated immediately. Now they know damn well none of those models ate a damn thing. I'm just sayin....

And she's premiering 2...count em...2 new videos today on 106 and Park and TRL. One for "Upgrade You" and one for "Beautiful Liar" (which I'm lovin') with Shakira. You can catch a glimpse at them both
here. And now you can catch the whole "Beautiful Liar" vieo here. Hopefully they meant to make Shakira and B look identical. But who knows....

Kanye and Alexis were spotted at the The Little Bendel Dress Event at Henri Bendel's in NY:

I'm starting to really like this Alexis. Natural but still a lil glam.

Angie Bassett and Courtney B. Vance hosted the 7th Annual More Magazine-Wilhelmina 40+ Model Search at Cipriani's last night:

Now that's how you rock a bolero style jacket....Andre Leon Tally....

Cute. They were on The View this morning. Such a fab couple.

Celebs came out for the Dom Perignon Celebration for Forest Whitaker at Boulevard 3 in Bev Hills last night:

Y'all know Oprah was there.

Keisha is SO fabulous. They've been married for almost 11 years. Nice.

Djimon's sexy self was there.

Oooh double the sexy with COmmon.

Forest and Chris Tucker

Quincy's bring his kids everywhere thes days.

Fun times.

The Randomness:

  1. Diddy...calm the hell down.

  2. Isaiah is working hard as hell to make nice with "The Gays". Story

  3. ANTM Cyle 8 premieres tonight.


Fashion Fab:

It's that time again folks. All you fashionistas can get a jump start on all the spring trends even if it's still snowing out. Claire from The Fashion Bomb is my guest blogger today and here's her take on what's hot this spring:

It's not hot just yet, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe can't be! Get a jump start on your warm weather shopping with The Fashion Bomb's spring trend preview. See how the stars rock 'em and pieces you can purchase to up your style quotient.

First up: My ladies.

Bright, vibrant colors are the rule for spring.

Nic from ANTM...

rocks a bright yellow top under a jacket.

Mary J. doesn't mess around...

And bathes herself in blue.

Naomi C...

...channels the trend with a bright orange bag.

And Jennifer Hudson...

looks sultry in her lemon shrug.

Bright colors look smashing on dark skin tones, but if you wear them...

Make sure they don't clash with your hair. Yes, I'm talking to you Kelis!

The Fashion Bomb's bright ideas?

Clockwise from left: Mossimo Flap Pocket Tote, $27,; Baby Phat Flutter Sleeve Crochet Dress, $64,
; Color Block Tunic Dress, $58,; BCBGirls Library Pump, $98,; Lux Short Sleeve Swing Jacket, $68,; French Connection Swift Suede Flats, $98,; Cole Haan 'Village Soft' Ruched Satchel, $395,; Susana Monaco Gather String Halter, $91, Center: Color block Babydoll Cami, $17.50,

Next? Up your wow factor with graphic prints.

Put on a little bit with a scarf like Mary J.

Or go all out like Venus in black and white...

Or Mya in colorfully bold colors...

Prints are all good, as long as they're in a soft fabric...

... not pleather/leather!

Also, try to keep it classy...

...and leave your disco boots at home!

My print picks?

Clockwise from left: Emilio Pucci Cupola Satin Ballerina, $169,; Cap Sleeve Large Swirl Printed Tunic Top, $20, CoutureCandy ; Catherine Malandrino Printed Shirt Dress, $295,; T-Bags Printed V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress, $172,; Nautical Print Scarf, $20,; BCBG Matte Jersey Floral Print Dress, $152,; Loop Printed Hobo, $48, Center: Francesca Giobbia Glitterblock Sandals, $528,

Now on to the fellas...

For guys, the classic preppy look always works for me.

Pop on a polo like Kanye and Pharrell...

A bright v-neck like Luda...

Or even a striped rugby like Andre 3000...

Wanna be a super stunna? Top it all off with a Fedora a la Diddy:


My Preppy Picks:

Clockwise from left: Rocawear Basic Stripe Polo, $52,; Nike Men's Court Force Premium Low, $85,; Lacoste Pique Polo, $72,; Gap Straight Fit Khakis, $50,; Thompson Oxford Sport Coat, $225,; Rock & Republic 'Floyd' Low Rise Jeans, $207,; Atlantic Argyle cotton-cashmere sweater, $78,; Phat Farm Gallery Prep Shoes, $50, Center: Kangol Cotton Player, $42,

Get your spring on!

Stay fabulous!

Stop This Ish!

Ok peoples...the rumor mill has been out of control these past few days. And my inbox is flooded with e-mails about all this mess. So let's address this foolishness and squash it so we can get to some gossip with credibility:

Jay-Z v. Secret Baby Momma

Rumor: Jay-Z paid off a woman who is secretly the mother of his child to keep his name off the birth certificate. He supposedly paid her $1,000,000 to kep quiet..but now the story has leaked. He has a baby with a Trinidadian woman possibly named Shenelle who looks like Bey.

Supposed Trinidadian model chick

Is this rumor seriously popping up again like it's brand new? I swear this story went around during my first years in undergrad...similar pics and all. I don't believe a lick of it simply because it's been around for years and bloggers who have no crediblity alter the story to make it seem recent (like now the secret baby mama has a myspace page). Let's keep it real peoples. Years ago when this story first dropped Jay didn't even have a million dollars. And as desperate as he is for a baby right now (y'all have seen these recent interviews)...there is no reason at this point to keep this child a secret. And just like certain "bloggers" claim they received this story from a member of Jay's family--I received the exact opposite from a member of Sean Carter's family. Now what. Let it go.

Jay-Z v. Beyonce

Rumor: Jay and B have broken up. He did not accompany her to the Oscars and they have not been spotted together by the paparazzi since All Star game. And even then..they seemed distant. Sources are saying it's the end.

I'm mad I'm about to spend longer than 30 seconds on this mess. This is the 34,765 time in the past 4 years I have heard this. Why are people acting like Jay doesn't have a $310 million empire to run? No he didn't go to the Oscars and no I don't blame him. He has his own sh*t to do and that mess was too damn long. Period. And Bey was not nominated for anything. A breakup simply because they haven't been seen together? Stop the foolishness people.

Jay-Z v. "That Chick"

PLEASE....I repeat...PLEASE stop sending me this video. It's just comical at this point. This video has been circulating for years and it has been verified several times over that it was part of a movie Jay-Z was in...a la State Property. The funniest thing is that now the e-mails are reading that he did this to an African woman while on his trip to the motherland late last year. Pure comedy.

Usher v. Secret Baby Momma

I need for these chicks who are calling in to the radio stations claiming to have the love child of a celeb to get their weight up with these whack ass stories. A girl named "Kajuana" or "Cookie" or.....oh who cares...called in to Hot 92.3 radio station this morning saying she had Ursh's baby 2 weeks ago. And oh yes...there's a pic of the baby and one of the chick. Is she serious?

Now for some real gossip...Naomi has officially gone Druscilla and lost her damn mind.
She's supposedly getting a reality show on MTV where she is basically scouting people to be her assistant. Boo. I knew she was parading around with her new beau Terrance for a reason. I can only hope a chick gets chosen as a finalist who will show her colors and whoop Naomi's ass in a fight that we all know will happen. I'll be watching....

And I conveniently received this e-mail a couple days ago:

Casting Call:
Do you have what it takes to be a celebrity assistant?

We are looking for people who have the motivation, patience,
organizational skills and most importantly
PERSONALITY to take on the role of being a celebrity assistant to a Fashion Icon.

If you have ever dreamed of getting to see the real world of fame

and actually being a part of it from behind the scenes than we want to meet you! Good knowledge of the fashion world is a plus. You will be competing to see if you have what it takes to handle the celebrity crazed world and become a personal assistant to someone famous!

We’re looking for serious, professional candidates who have a passion for organizing someone’s life. Must be able to handle scheduling, have excellent phone skills and able to keep up with a fast paced schedule with long hours.

To Apply:

Write a quick description telling us about yourself,
your life, your dreams and why you are cut out for the job.

Please include name and contact information to:
with your name, phone number, email and picture.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Now it all makes since. Who's applying?

I'm SO excited to announce that I have created a gossip forum for all of my fabulous readers and others to chat it up all day every day about celebs and whatever else. It's called The Forums @ YBF and the official launch is today. I'm still working a few kinks out but it's good to go today. Spread the word. Have fun and stay fabulous!

Tuesday, February 27

Run It!

It's Celebs v. The Runway Models:

The Armani Prive Gown

The Oscar De La Renta Gown and Bolero Jacket

The Marchesa Gown

Who Ran It?!

By the way, since many readers couldn't see the Oscars After Party pics...I re-posted everything here. All 600 of the previous comments are no longer there though since I had to do a completely new post. Damn it Blogger!

Bits and Foolishness

T.I. and Tiny were spotted loungin' in the ATL:

I know Tiny is mad she can't drink. Oh well...

Speaking of T.I., he was out a Kevin Liles' b-day party in NY last night:

Thanks Serena. I see you tried to do something with that weave....finally. And Ed Lover is looking better these days.

Kevin and his chick Sandy Lomax shared a kissy kiss.

Russell Simmons and Irv Gotti hit up the party. Speaking of Irv...where the hell is Ashanti??

Trey Songz came through.

And so did Jay-Z.

Fun times.

Can we take a second to focus on the foolishness that is Lil Kim and Ray-J?:

Now Kim. If you're gonna use this "relationship" with Ray-J as a publicity stunt--at least get yourself together first. WTF is going on with this dress?

And while we're on the subject of foolish couples:

It's official. DMX's wife is definitely on some other ish. Stop passing her the pipe X.

Stills from Halle Berry's new movie A Perfect Stranger are here:

And o my damn:

What are youuuuuuuuuu doing Webster?

Oh Foxy. Did you seriously hold a press conference...looking like this...talking about you were brutalized by the Miami po pos? Well dammit I'm brutalized by your face right now. Get it together Foxy.

On to cuter things....

Sources: CBB and ONTD

Baby Zahara was spotted out with her sister Shiloh and grandma in New Orleans yesterday. Cute.

So Bobby is still locked up for not paying child support because his ass can't afford to post bail. Damn shame.

And sexy man Djimon Hounsou
is the new Calvin Klein model. I can't wait for those ads....

Musiq's new video for "Buddy" is here. Cute.

The Randomness:

  1. Check out Beyonce and Shakira's new track "Beautiful Liar".
  2. Janet Jackson is set to play opposite Tyler Perry in his upcoming movie Why Did I Get Married? Story